Toy Unboxing Review: EDNA - Disney Pixar The Incredibles 11 inch Action Figure Doll in Deluxe Costume and Glasses

Children can have endless amounts of fun with this Edna action figure as she is fully articulated at multiple joints, including her neck, arms, and hips. This enables her to pose in lots of different positions, which is great for creative play! I have a 4-year-old daughter who loves The Incredibles movie. She has several action figures from the movie, and she loves to act out her favourite scenes!

The first thing I noticed about this action figure is that the packaging is endorsed with The Incredibles and the Disney Pixar logo, and looks extremely exciting. This Edna action figure is an officially licensed toy manufactured by Jakks Pacific and It has a clear outer protective shell which enables you to see the figure in full without removing it from the packaging.

Edna stands at approximately 7.5 inches tall, smaller than some of the other figures which is relative to her size in the movie as she is only 3 foot tall. She is a world-famous fashion designer but would rather spend her time creating superhero costumes with cutting-edge technology in her secret lab!

Edna looks very authentic to her character in The Incredibles 2 movie, wearing a black fashion dress with a pink collar and large thick rimmed black glasses. She also has lens eyes and black rooted bobbed hair, styled in the same way as it is in The Incredibles 2 movie.

This Edna action figure is suitable for children aged 4 years and above and this lovable character would be a perfect gift for any fan of The Incredibles movie!

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