Toy Unboxing Review: Enchantimals GFN44 Larissa Lemur Doll (6-in) & Ringlet Animal Friend Figure

The Enchantimals are a group of kind and caring girls who work together to promote peace and harmony in the magical world of Everwilde. Each unique character has an animal best friend with whom they share a special bond. Larissa Lemur & Ringlett live in the tropical forest of Junglewood, where they like to swing from the vines and splash around in the sunny rain.

The Larissa Lemur doll is suitable for children aged 4 years plus. The figure is 6 inches tall and comes with her best friend Ringlett. They are always together and look alike too! They have cute matching ears and furry striped tails. Larissa’s outfit is brightly coloured with a tropical theme. She is wearing a yellow top and a brightly coloured skater style skirt patterned with flowers and leaves. Larissa Lemur is also wearing turquoise sandals which are removable, as is her dress.

The Larissa Lemur doll has long purple hair. I have two little girls aged 2 & 4 years old, and they absolutely love dolls with long hair that they can play with. My daughters also love undressing and dressing their dolls again, so it ticks more boxes for little ones since the skirt and sandals are removable. Ringlett also has cute features like tiny paws, lemur ears and a furry tail. All of these finishes encourage imaginative play where little ones can make up adventures for the best friends and have some screen free fun.

This is a Mattel product which means it will be of premium quality as they are one of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world. It is also well packaged with bright colours and would make an ideal gift. With two characters inside, it is double the fun for little ones.

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