Toy Unboxing Review: Hot Wheels FXB53 ID Race Portal

I knew nothing about this product before we got it in stock. After some research I learnt that the race portal can be connected to a racetrack to record laps and speed times. This Hot Wheels ID race Portal is designed to transport physical to digital play.

It comes with two exclusive diecast race cars, which are fitted with a chip so they can record the cars performance. The free app needs to be downloaded on a smart device or tablet, which then enables you to count laps and measure speed. The hot wheels cars exclusive ID must be scanned and then track speeds and laps can be recorded, enabling you to set new records!

The packaging is extremely strong and glossy and would be ideal as a gift. It is of premium quality. You can lift the flap on the box to reveal the portal and the two exclusive race cars, Twin Mill and GT Hunter, which are covered with transparent packaging so you can clearly see the product. Inside, the contents include the race portal, two exclusive diecast cars and lap counters.

Mini games can be played where speeds and laps can be tracked of up to 6 toy cars at a time using the race portal. The better you get, the more you can level up in the app!

I have a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter would love this product! She loves playing with cars. This product is suitable for children aged 4 plus.

This is a Mattel product which oozes premium quality as they are one of the leading toy manufacturers in the world.

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