SOKA Wooden Fire Engine Truck with Firefighter Figurines Vehicle Toy for Kids 3+

SOKA Wooden Fire Engine Truck with Firefighter Figurines Vehicle Toy for Kids 3+

SOKA Play Imagine Learn

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SAVE THE DAY: Get to experience being the firefighter and rescue the day with our SOKA wooden fire engine truck which every tiny firefighter in training needs. Extend the ladder, inspect the engine, and put out the neighbourhood fire. Set includes: 4 figurine firefighters, 2 fire and 1 hose.

HOURS OF ACTIVE FUN: Turn the children's attention away from the electronics to protect their eyes and have hours of active fun playing with this playset. This is an excellent approach to inspire children to engage in active play that also enhances social skills. Easy for little fingers to grasp, these brightly coloured wooden blocks stimulate creativity and basic motor skills. Your little builder can stack, build, and knock down.

GREAT LEARNING TOOL: SOKA Toys are designed to enhance learning play in young kids. Kids use their imagination, develops creativity, and promotes hand-eye coordination. For full range of Role Pretend Play & Wooden toys for children please search SOKA TOYS in the search bar.

CERTIFIED QUALITY: All SOKA Toys are tested to the highest safety standards and comply with the international toy safety standards. SOKA toys are made from renewable resources with non-toxic paints & lacquers. This product is made from wood.

IDEAL GIFT: SOKA toys come in an elegant packaging so whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, you can't go wrong when it comes to gifting a kid. WARNING: To be used strictly under adult supervision. Contains small pieces. Not suitable for children under 3 years.