Toy Unboxing Review: LEGO Movie 70825 Childrens Toy Queen Watevras Build Whatever Box

I was impressed to see the size of this box! It measures H26cm x W22cm x D9cm and there are over a hundred pieces in this exciting and colourful LEGO Movie 2 building set! The packaging is brightly coloured and shows images of what can be built with this set.

Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi can be rebuilt into 15 different forms, including a devil, octopus, rocket, toaster, hammer, dinosaur, whale, cello, car, dragon, gorilla, and a bat.

The LEGO Movie 2 Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever Box is perfect for imaginary play as there is an inspirational guide inside to give ideas for building even more shapes including a happy butterfly, a colourful rocket, and a grumpy volcano! Instructions on how to build each version of the shape-shifting queen are included.

Children aged 6 years and above can recreate adventures from the LEGO Movie 2 with this fun-packed toy!

I have two children who love to build shapes and then take them apart and rebuild again. With 15 different shapes to create this set will provide children with hours of endless screen-free fun! The bright coloured exciting box also makes this product a perfect gift and looks impressive! Any child would love to receive this toy. Building with brick pieces also develops children’s fine motor skills and coordination.

LEGO are one of the top toy manufacturers in the world so this product will be of excellent quality. All the pieces in Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever Box are completely compatible with all original LEGO sets for creative building.

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