Toy Unboxing Review: RM - Mattel GKC90 BTS Idol Fashion Doll for Collectors 28 cm

On receiving this product, I had never heard of BTS so I had to do some research into them. I discovered that BTS are a seven piece band originating from South Korea. I was amazed to realise that they have smashed records all over the world and have even had four US number one albums in less than two years, making them the fastest group since the Beatles to earn this accolade. They have even sold out Wembley arena even though they are a non-English speaking band!

Each BTS doll is one of a kind and has been specifically crafted with attention to that band members unique facial features. The way the dolls hair is coloured and styled is inspired by how RM had it  for the record-breaking  ‘Idol’ music video and he is also dressed in his signature style. Each BTS fashion doll has 11 working joints; which enables them to sit, stand, wave and even perform some dance moves!

RM is the leader of the group, and his name originally stood for ‘Rap Monster’. He is wearing a turquoise silk suit, patterned with pink spots. Underneath the RM doll is wearing a bright yellowy-green shirt with multicoloured spots on and chunky white buttons. On his feet he is wearing white trainers. The RM fashion doll also has also glossy black rooted hair.

Mattel are one of the top toy manufacturers in the world, which means this product is of premium quality. The outer shell on the packaging is transparent so that you can see the product clearly. This doll is suitable for children aged 6 years plus and is 28cm tall.

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